Our Story

The seed for Stash was planted back in August 2009, when our juice chef (who really is a classically trained chef!) stumbled upon vaping and managed to kick a 20 year smoking habit overnight.

Back in 2009, there wasn't a great deal of juice to choose from, and what was available was fairly simplistic, but it was enough to keep us away from the stinkies for good. Back then, almost everyone dripped, only we called it "direct dripping" since we were using mostly 510/901 dripping atomizers without the polyfill "cartridges" that went along with it. We went through all the old tweaks, from Lipton bags to blue aquarium foam...we tried it all, but compared to the flavor of direct dripping onto a de-bridged atomizer, they all came up short. Not long thereafter, cartomizers arrived on the market, followed by clearomizers, and we tried those too, but in the end, we always came back to the pure flavor that only direct dripping onto a low resistance atomizer could deliver.

While vaping technology continued to evolve, more US based juice vendors began to enter the marketplace, but DIY was still in it's infancy and every order was a crap shoot. By mid 2011 the idea of creating an e-liquid review website, from a chef's point of view, had been discussed and we decided to move forward in January 2012. With the goal of helping vapers to understand the flavor profile of a juice before they made the purchase, we began ordering juice from as many different vendors as we could afford. Over the course of 5 months, we had accumulated enough reviews to launch, and in May of 2012, VaporRater.com went live with about 35 reviews. The next year was spent tasting and writing reviews, and over that time, we tasted some magnificent flavors, but we were no closer to finding that one flavor, that "desert island" juice, the elusive "All Day Vape".

With all the knowledge we gained from tasting and writing juice reviews, paired with a decades long career in the kitchen, we began mixing ourselves. They were simple blends at first, but those simple blends quickly evolved into more complex, composed e-liquids. The juice was passed around at local vape meets and became immensely popular with friends and locals, but still, we weren't quite satisfied. We continued to tweak our recipes until, over the course of a year, each composition reached it's pinnacle and Stash e-Liquids was born.

While our collection may seem small, certainly when compared to vendors that offer 100+ flavors, each of our creations are unique, flavor dense, harmoniously balanced, and decidedly complex.

It's been a long road, but we're thrilled that you've found us, and above all else, we hope that you enjoy these blends as much as we do!