About Our Blends

Chef Josh - Creator of Stash E-LiquidsWith recipes created by our e-liquid chef and founder Josh (a classically trained French chef!), we craft our blends utilizing only the finest ingredients. We begin with the cleanest, purest nicotine on the market, a component often skimped on by other manufacturers due to the higher costs. From there, we add our complex flavor blends and kosher grade, USP Vegetable Glycerin. We add no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors, and no PG, meaning every blend is max VG. Because we don't add sweeteners, additives, or coloring, many of our customers notice a significant improvement in the lifetime of their coils. We handcraft every batch ourselves, in micro-batches, to ensure quality and consistency.


All of our e-liquids are tasty straight from the mailbox, but since they're fresh, they do change over time. Whether you'll prefer them fresh or matured is entirely up to you. Rather than offer some sort of in-house, accelerated pre-steep (which simply can't compare to the tried and true method of patience and time), we sell them fresh and have found many of our customers prefer them that way.

To kick off the steeping/maturation process, upon receipt shake and open your bottles to 'breathe' and replace cap. Place bottles in a cool, dark place, such as a drawer (out of reach of children) and allow to rest. Repeat shake/breathe process every day or two.